We are the answer to your
office support outsourcing needs

In our offices, we work for you in the following areas:

– Administration
– Organization
– Operations back-up
– Secretarial services

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Is there an area in your company
that you`d like to outsource?

How about Purchasing, Order Fullfillment, Correspondence,
Secretarial Services, Administration or Human Resources?
Hard to imagine?
Thanks to today`s technology and our infrastructure,
we can work with you, your employees and your
business associates as if we were in your office.
You have your own telephone line at our office –
incoming calls are answered with your company name.
And if your customer wants to speak to you after our
No problem.We make the connection!
Need an original of a letter we wrote for you?
No problem.You get it by e-mail!

New office management tasks are our challenge

We speak English, German, French and Italian.
Our fifth language is mental flexibility: five years of
practice have brought us customers from the most
varied industries.
It has made us quick off the mark, ready to deal
with your individual needs.
Our sixth language is enthusiasm:
We enjoy our work and identify ourselves with
the tasks you give us.
Our work is accurate and done on time.

Competence at the right time,
in the right place and for just long enough

We are in the office all day and can always be
reached for your business.
But you can pay only for the time we are working
for you.
You receive a monthly report – it might be for
10 hours one month and 60 the next – and the
corresponding invoice.

You can count on us.
The mutual trust developed with our customers is the
foundation of successful cooperation.
You can rely on our discretion, confidentiality and loyalty.

Interested in our services?

Call us or let us know your needs on our Online-Form!

Daniela Stuckert
Riehenstr. 44
CH – 4058 Basel
Telefon +41 (0)61 693 07 27
Fax  +41 (0)61 693 07 28
E-Mail: info@idsbasel.ch

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